Bullet Proof Cars - Detailed Information 

Our Services provide products to meet your ballistic threats and security requirements - Please see level of protection  Chart .

We spare no expenses,  the cars are designed to be state of the art bullet proof.    The fit and finish is superb and the completed vehicle will not stand out or be physically apparent that it has the capabilities to withstand an attack.  Great attention is given to quality and value of the finished product to provide you with a greater peace of mind.

    Glass System -  We replace all windows with our Superior 
    quality and ballistic protection glass.  Guarantee to fit the 
    car just  like the  original one.   Fully tested materials using 
    real weapons.   our tests meets and exceeds all ballistic levels 
    as defined by the NIJ .

    Panel System -  combination of the latest materials available
    in the market that cover the roof, floor, front,  rear and all
    sides to provide a 100% coverage  (see information below).
 Let our professional assistance to help you work towards determining the correct vehicle or the appropriate level of armor and other options that may be required to provide the security levels needed.  

Standard OptionsIncluded In All Of Our Cars    

    Run Flat Tire Inserts - assures continued operation of the  
         vehicle as a result of road hazards or ballistic impact  and   
         in the event of a total tire blowout.  

     Satellite Global Phone -  for business and emergency
          communications,  it enables you to call and receive calls
          virtually from anywhere in the world.

     Siren / Air Horn & Loud Speaker -  to get attention and
          intimidate attackers.

     Gas Tank  -  Anti Explosive protection .

     Floor protection -  bomb supressor blanket installed under  
         the carpet to protect from a small blast .       .

Other options available 

Escape oil discharge,  Nails discharge  , and  full amphibious  capability vehicles are available as well as other technologies reserved  to individuals who demand only the very best .

Sample of materials we use 


DuPont Company led to the development of a synthetic material called Kevlar which is five times stronger than the same weight of steel. Kevlar does not rust nor corrode and is extremely lightweight.  It is an advanced technology that helps transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. It combines high strength with light weight, and comfort with protection.

Many police officers owe their lives to Kevlar.  It is used in Armored vehicles and bullet proof vest among other applications. 

At Black Armor purchase Kevlar in its raw form and custom transform it to soft and hard material for applications in Armored cars and bullet proof vest.

                                   Spectra Shield
Latest invention - it is 10 times stronger than steel in the same weight .  The Spectra Shield family of composite products began with the development of Shield technology by Honeywell .
It is about 30% lighter than Kevlar, more flexible and softer.

Shield technology lays parallel strands of synthetic fiber side by side and holds them in place with a resin system, creating a unidirectional tape. Two layers are then cross-plied at right angles (0/90) and fused into a composite structure under heat and pressure. The pre-consolidated cross-plied material is then packaged as rolls, ready for shipping.

Black Armor combines the Spectra material with Aramid and Gold Flex  to shape and mold according to specific  level of protection and product. 

                                      Clifton Steel

A Department of Defense approved armor plate manufacturer. We keep an inventory of Ballisitically Approved Military grade Armor Plates by Clifton Steel. 

Clifton Steel produces certified MIL-I-45280A quality plates meeting the highest standard so you can feel confident that your vehicle is protected with the best material available.