Safe Tent  

Our  positive pressure, vinyl Safe Room is designed to keep up to 8 adults in a high margin of safety from a Biological or Chemical attack .  Included is a 3 stage filtration.

Dimensions :   8' x 8' . 

3 Stages Filteration, operational filter life :

  • Stage 1:  Bio / Chemical incident - One Incident 
  • Stage 2:  HEPA. Filter: 2-5 years
  • Stage 3:  Carbon Filter  6 months

Provides safety knowing you are protected during an attack.  No Gas Mask is necessary while inside the tent. This is a complete package and includes  120 V Thermally protected insulated motor designed for continuous operation. 

Safe Tent --------------- TENT-1000








Filter for Safe Tent

Replacement filter for the Safe Tent.  These are brand new and factory sealed


Replacement Filter for Safe Tent ---------- FILTER-1001

                      One Price


                         One Color