Spectra Shield«  10 times stronger than steel in the same weight .  The Spectra Shield« family of composite products began with the development of Shield technology by Honeywell . 

It is about 30% lighter than Kevlar.

Shield technology lays parallel strands of synthetic fiber side by side and holds them in place with a resin system, creating a unidirectional tape. Two layers are then cross-plied at right angles (0║/90║) and fused into a composite structure under heat and pressure. The pre-consolidated cross-plied material is then packaged as rolls, ready for shipping.

Black Armor combines the Spectra material with Aramid« and Gold Flex«  to shape and mold according to specific  level of protection and product. 

Spectra Shield«  is ten times stronger than steel in the same weight !!

Spectra Shield«  has all the ballistic strength of Kevlar however it is more flexible and about 30% lighter .