Tactical Helmet  

This helmet meets and exceeds current U.S. military issue Personal Armor System, Ground Troops (PASGT) ballistic helmet. 

It was developed for U.S. special forces in response to a military requirement to increase the levels of ballistic protection while affording more comfort and stability. 

Made with multiple layers of Kevlar® and composite material , light weight  1.4 Kg. (3.2 Lbs.),  it is designed with a low center of gravity and has a configuration which extends protection to the neck and ears areas. 

It has a cradle type suspension system and is offset from the head to provide space for deformation caused by projectiles and to allow for increased ventilation. 

This helmet exceeds military specification MIL-H-44099A and is rated protection level
IIIA FMJ 9 mm.  in compliance with the  National Institute of Justice standards.  
The shell is configured with multiple layers of Kevlar® and proprietary composite material  throughout any cross-sectional area of the helmet. It includes an adjustable  headband and a comfortable chin strap assembly.  

Available Colors:   Black /  custom cover & other colors are
                         available for quantity orders.

This helmet is relatively lightweight  1.4 Kg. (3.2 Lbs.) it  provides maximum comfort, mobility & protection in its class.

It is only Available in ballistic Level  IIIA 
see chart  .

Tactical Helmet ------------------------- HELM -1000

                   Protection Level













Face Shield  

Made according to  U.S. military standard,  this face shield system allows the user to quickly convert military or police helmets into one that is better suited to riots and other situations in which face protection is imperative.  It provides the user with an unobstructed view while affording maximum facial protection from hazards ranging from shrapnel to liquid splash.

Lightweight,  high quality optics are provided by its 6mm thick Lexan® polycarbonate resin face shield,  which meets military specifications
MIL-V-43511c fragmentation protection/MIL V3511-C shrapnel test and industry specification NIJ0104.02 riot shield standard. This face shield provides sufficient clearance to make it compatible for use with the M17 gas mask.

A rubber seal across the top of the helmet opening prevents seepage of rain or other liquids onto the user’s face.  A unique pivot-and-lock mechanism allows the user to use either hand to easily pivot and lock the shield with a simple, natural movement. The mechanism locks the shield in either the up or down position, and prevents it from moving regardless of the situational rigors.

This unit can be quickly and easily retrofitted to the helmet without any tools, providing for field-expedient rapid deployment capability.
A special protective cover (included) to provide proper storage and protection of the face shield.

Riot Face Shield ------------------------- SHLD -1000