bullet proof vest

 body armor

Bomb protection, Bomb Jammer, blanket



Bomb Jammer

The Revo Star Bomb Jammer  provides protection for a convoy or buildings against remote controlled bombs by utilizing the latest jamming technology.

* Available to Law Enforcement and Military only



Black Armor - Under Construction

Designed  versatility .


Black Armor - Under construction

Designed  vest.


Black Armor - Under construction

Designed  temperature.


K-9 Partner -  Police Dog Protection
Now your partner can also be protected.  Provides full protection to the back, chest and underbelly of the dog.
Manufactured with the highest quality ballistic / Stab material.

    police helmet, military helmet        

Tactical Helmet
Design for special forces and rated level
3A (NIJ),  this helmet meets and exceeds current U.S. military issue ballistic helmet.